About Sally's Embroidery & Monogramming, LLC

Sally's Embroidery began in 1992 in the garage of Bud & Sally Taylor. In Oct. 2007 the company continued operation under the new owners, Marvin & Cheryl Gattis. When the economy slowed, the business was moved to their home and continues operation there today. Because it is operated out of their home you need to call for an appointment (to be sure that they are not out of the office) in order to meet with them.

Our Mission

We want to be someone our customers can trust. We try to do the BEST job possible for you and we will do that HONESTLY. If the most important thing to you is cost - we will help. You are welcome to supply your own garments if you wish, and we don't "jack up the price" of our services to offset any loss of revenue from the garments. We ARE NOT in the garment supplying industry. We can supply the garments for your convenience and possibly save you some money on them but we like to supply them mostly because "accidents can happen" and it is easier to replace your garment if the machine breaks a needle or some other problem arises and damages it. If that should happen, WE WILL REPLACE THE GARMENT AT NO COST TO YOU. Many companies tell you to "allow" a certain percentage of loss with your order. We don't agree with that. Why should the customer pay for a problem ON OUR END? If the most important service we can provide you is convenience, we will be happy to take care of the entire process for you, including shopping for garments in the quality and price range you require. We can even help with any design issues.

Services Overview

Sally's Embroidery is a local family-owned business in Portland,Oregon. We specialize in custom commercial embroidery and monogramming for business or personal use. Please call us if there is any way we can help you with your custom embroidery needs.

Contact Us

Address: Portland, Oregon, USA
Telephone: 503-257-3391
Email: Contact Me