Present a Professional Appearance

Presentation can be extremely important for a business. The way your employees present themselves to your potential customers must positively reflect the capabilities of your company, your products and your services. Professional embroidery helps to make that happen. BE REMEMBERED. You want those customers to remember your name and a well displayed logo can help. Having your company logo displayed on your employee garments helps those customers find you.

NO MINIMUM ORDER. Small orders are not a problem at Sally's Embroidery. Our minimum is ONE. We welcome and encourage small, personal groups to try us out. We will gladly help you get that bowling shirt or gift ready!

EVERY ORDER IS CUSTOM. Have a special occasion coming up? We have embroidered quilt squares, car seat covers and rugs, even a prom dress and a Bible cover. Need initials put on your childs' sports bag? CALL US. If we can fit it in the hoop, we can embroidery it for you. WE ALSO DO PATCHES.

NEED AN IDEA? Check out our gallery, then use our links to look for garments or designs, if needed. Pick out an appropriately sized design and we will add your text to it in the font you select with no charge for a design fee. OR: Just call us. We will walk you through the process, it is probably a lot easier than you think and for your approval we always send a sample snapshot of what the design will look like sewn before it is sewn onto your garment.

CURIOUS ABOUT THE COST? Most logos that go on a left shirt front run about $8.50 to $10.50. Add a name to the right for another $5. A larger logo on the back of a shirt (such as a bowling shirt) runs about $15. Full back logos can run higher depending on the stitch count. The cost is relative to the number of stitches in the design, which is reflective of the amount of time and thread it takes to create your "masterpiece". If you need a quote first, we can estimate it for you. Depending on the quantity you need, quantity discounts may apply as well (because setup time is broken up by cost per garment).

We Try Hard to be Flexible

If it is inconvenient for you to meet with us or pick up your order during normal working hours, we can set a time to meet with you outside of normal working hours and days at a convenient location. If your business is located within a couple of miles of ours we can come to your location and discuss your design, pick up garments or deliver your order. We are located in the Rockwood area of Portland. Rockwood is between Portland and Gresham on the east side of Portland. We are near N.E. 162nd and Glisan streets. If you should choose to use your own garments, rather than ordering them through us, they can easily be delivered to us via UPS, the post office, etc.

Please be Patient with Us


Services Overview

Sally's Embroidery is a local family-owned business in Portland,Oregon. We specialize in custom commercial embroidery and monogramming for business or personal use. Please call us if there is any way we can help you with your custom embroidery needs.

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